Last Thursday was a good day for me. I remember I woke up in a good mood. As for me, Thursday is one of the nicest days of the week in terms of learning. On this day, we have interesting classes and only few of them, which is also important. As always, my groupmates and I spent our time in the lectures laughing, joking, and talking, talking, talking about everything in the world. This is not surprising because there are only girls in my group. After classes, I decided to take a little walk. It is autumn now, and the trees are different colours anв are, all around, very beautiful. So, I’m not sorry about my decision. Then I met with my friends; we sat in a cozy café located in the city center and had a cup of tasty coffee. Evening, as usual, ended in the circle of my family. It was a good day, Thursday.


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My favorite poet and poem

I love poetry, especially Edgar Allan Poe. Though most of his poems seem tortured and bizarre, but for some reason the dark nature and meanings behind most of his poetry strikes a chord with me, even though the subject matter isn’t the most cheerful. «The Raven» is one of my favourite poems of all time. I view it as, perhaps, the best poem ever written, a masterpiece. Being a person who reread his poems a hundred times, I look on how Poe establishes rhythm and meter, what makes the poem memorable, and how he formed his choice of words. His works are true and ground breaking. Without him, there wouldn’t have been poems or works that talked about mystery, suspense, detective genres and the dark sides of life. He pointed out that not all stories end happily and it is even seen in his works too. His poems are truly rhythmic and full of emotion and reason.


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Prose Poetry

Madness pain burst into consciousness, it pressed on walls, run down on his face. Let us solve the threads. Those who are not able to reach the end, please hear me.
White walls blind as the sky, as morning in some warning, not knowing the joy of heat. Wrap up his composure in the cloud of silence. They blind as a newborn puppy with the hope of eternity. Flying from the sky words burst over the sea. Someone had put wreath at the grave. For some reason, stranger opened the curtains, someone’s eyes will not open again.
His face now thinner, her sadness today quieter. Their view now more tender- your world will be bloom up today!
Muffled sobbing, trembling hands held each other insensibly, but no one fell now.
All so ridiculous … and voice …
In a nightmare … As in the abyss … disappeared.
Hurry up make last bow to the sun. Oh, your clothe so soaked with a smell of bun.
They whisper, they moan, they tear their masks to the shreds.
Shadows bother their sleep.
You can not help them, but happiness will fly on the top of the slope.
Destroy the ban on humans grace! Stand up outside indifferent days.


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It was warm summer day. Young pretty girl call Susan sat in a small quite cafe; she ordered glass of wine and looked through the window. Cars thundered and with the extreme speed went there and back, people bustling and all of them hurry somewhere. On the street was atmosphere that it seems like in a few minutes a big asteroid will fall down on the earth and everyone must hide as far as they can from that catastrophe.

Susan looked at the clock on the wall it was 4 p.m and her face became quite sad. She waited for someone. She looked on the street once again and suddenly saw that little black cat run across the street and driver whose car went straight on the cat doesn’t see him. Susan turned her face, so that she hasn’t seen what happened next with little black cat…she thought: «Oh man, maybe this cat was all in someone’s’s horrible»..At that moment somebody touched her shoulder, girl turns out…it was Robert.

—          Why are you look so scared, honey?

Susan looked on the street, there were no black cat on it…she smiled.

—          Nothing, Robert, now everything is alright.

They sat at the table.

—          I have surprise for you. – said Robert quietly.

—          Surprise? What there?! – screamed Susan happily.

Robert holds something under his Jacket. He opened it…and in his hand sitting little black cat with big green eyes.

—          Happy Birthday, darling! – exclaimed Robert.

Susan took cat slowly in her arms. It was her best surprise ever.


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